Long Term Care

Long Term Care

We value the needs of all patients; our focus is on the residents and staff to ensure the proper continuum of care takes place.

We offer multiple options of drug packaging systems in the form of punch cards: bubble and dispills. Using these systems help in streamlining the medication delivery process and reduces the opportunity for medication errors.

When required we provide immediate changes and or updates of medications for patients followed by prompt delivery and correspond accordingly to all parties involved.

Constant communication from the pharmacy staff to the Group Home and treating physicians to ensure all needs are met.

  • We use an APD approved MAR.
  • Dedicated email address to communicate with the pharmacy staff.
  • Clients have a direct line to the LTC Coordinator for immediate assistance.
  • Provide Free Delivery.
  • Help coordinate APD training for staff to ensure compliance and updated regulations.
  • Med storage cabinet available if needed.

Ousia Pharmacy staff is trained regularly on APD rules and regulations to ensure all homes are compliant. Policy and procedures are in place for onboarding new residents and the LTC Coordinator works directly with the home to ensure transition to Ousia Pharmacy is smooth and efficient.